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ISBN: 978-605-9594-41-7  Nisan 2018

114 sayfa, (21x27 cm2), 90 gr lüks 1. hamur kağıt                 buy now!

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Need to boost your score on the IELTS? Not sure where to start? This book is the key to getting the score you need. TIPPS® has years of experience preparing students for the Academic IELTS exam and has condensed its effective, proven methods into this book to show you how to succeed on the test!

In addition to time-tested strategies and step-by-step instructions on every section of the exam, this book also includes sample questions and answers for the Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking sections. We will guide you through each problem to teach you the best path to tackle the IELTS. We know the challenges the test presents and how you can overcome them!

Try this book today to reach your goal faster! Once you’ve gained the knowledge you need, test yourself with our unique Mini Test at the end of the book.

Expert strategies for unlocking the different question types of each section

Instructions and explanations for Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking sections

Sample questions for all sections, including answers and explanations

Scored sample responses to help you prepare for the test effectively

Mini IELTSä Sample Test with Answer Key

Audio CD with complete audio track transcripts

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